TEFL Course

120 hours of in-class training + 10 hours of actual teaching practice

Course Dates:

July 5 – July 31, 2021
September 6 – October 2, 2021


Course: 1450,00 EURO
Housing: 250/300 EURO for shared flat


Via Lingua Sardinia is able to offer the following type of accommodation:
* Single room in a shared apartment (250/300 Eur)
* Home stay with host family (250/300 Eur)
* Studio apartment for students who would like to have a place to themselves. (Approximately 400-600 Eur)
In all cases, you will have access to the kitchen and common living areas, though you will have to provide for your own food. Linens are included, as are gas, electricity and building expenses.
You will be required to pay the housing fee directly to the landlord or landlady upon arrival, along with a 100 EUR deposit that will be refunded once the apartment has been inspected for damage or missing items.

About the course

The course is divided into five important “strands”

1) Language Awareness
Grammar: Tenses, voice, modal verbs, interrogative and negative forms, articles, particles, prepositions, adverbs, relative pronouns, subordinate clauses, comparatives, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, reported speech
Lexis: Lexical grammar, idiomatic expressions, synonyms, antonyms, word families, puns, collocations, register, cognates, multi-word verbs
2) Pedagogy
Methodology review, teaching passive skills (reading, listening), teaching active skills (speaking and writing), teaching pronunciation, classroom management, second language acquisition theory, syllabus planning, learning styles, assessment, language certification, teaching grammar, task-based vs. skills-based lessons, authentic materials, published graded textbooks
3) Teaching practice
10 hours of observed and evaluated teaching practice with actual students from three different age groups: children, teens, adults
4) Intercultural Awareness
Mystery language lesson, reflection on cultural expectations, culturally aware practices in the classroom, students as resources, cultural reference as leverage
5) Life Skills
Reflection on teaching practice, time management, teacher development and career planning, applying and interviewing for employment, career opportunities, mentor meetings
Course assessment items: Observed teaching practice, portfolio project, mini-research project, 1-2-1 teaching project, take-home grammar exam, in-class grammar exam